Stephanie DeFranco

Stephanie DeFranco is a 29-year-old professional photographer from Roswell, NM who specializes in portrait and lifestyle photography. 10 years ago she picked up her first “real” Nikon camera and knew this is what she wanted to do with her life. Her vision is not only to create pretty photos but to evoke emotion in what people are viewing. Stephanie has been published in Rangefinder Magazine, Click Magazine and just closed her first solo show; Motion Captured.

“OMNI is such a powerful tool to have in my bag! Being able to directly attach the screw-on filter and not have to worry about it during the session is a perk I never knew I needed. I’m able to keep the small prisms in my pocket or even attached, being able to grab them at the quickest convenience to create unique shots with the ease of one movement. With portrait work, people are constantly looking for what will set this session apart from the next and OMNI brings that extra little magic. “