Patrick Lawler

As a Director, Director of Photography, Editor, VFX supervisor, and Motion Graphics Artist – Patrick Lawler has worked on everything from commercials to music videos. He is one of the first five people in the world to have his video hosted in 4K on YouTube and is the first Cinematographer to release a demo reel in 5K. Patrick has worked on commercials for LRG x Star Wars, Audi, Honda, Cadillac, Naked Scale, Humanscale, Intel, Mophie, and has been teaching courses and giving lectures for the RED Digital Cinema camera company for three years. 

“OMNI is such a beautiful and elegant solution for fractal effects. Using the magnet attachments I can easily swap out which fractals I want to be using, articulate them with ease, and leave them in place while I move the camera. The OMNI solves every problem I’ve ever had with fractals because I often shoot by myself, pull my own focus, and unfortunately don’t have a third arm to hold and position elements. The options with OMNI are absolutely insane, I have so much flexibility, and it’s so much fun!”